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After many, many years the amazing album by The Forgetting Room - Ghost Codes - is finally coming out on glorious 180g double 'firefly' splatter vinyl thanks to Shed Load Records...


This new version of the lost classic album, remastered for vinyl, lands in perfect synchronicity into the extraordinary world we are living in today. An album based on the writings of Jeff Noon, where a new age is brought upon a world struck down by a deadly virus.

Jeff Noon, acclaimed writer and avid Twitter communicator, decided to create the Microspores, 140 character stories, complete stories. He then threw out a challenge to have composer contributors write 40 second musical pieces to be played alongside the Microspores; many were created and are on the Microspore site to hear. 

However, the work of Jonathan Taylor and The Forgetting Room were the chosen pieces that Jeff believed could be taken from their 40 second birthplace to a full album; The Ghost Codes another of Jeff’s projects. The Ghost Codes are the story of the meltdown of the digital age, therefore this release, limited to 300 numbered copies, on firefly splatter vinyl, will be the first time this important work has been available on vinyl.

A piece of beauty, something to hold in you hands.

Why now? According to Mick from Shed Load Records, "Well, the happy accident of John Session (the executive producer) walking into my little record shop in Guiseley around the time I was thinking of starting a record label started the ball rolling.

"The album is a lost masterpiece, put together by an extremely talented group of musicians with Jonathan Taylor at the helm. However, after Jonathan's untimely passing in 2013 the project lost its captain and driving force and so this masterpiece became lost to the greater music world....until now!"

This first pressing, strictly limited to 300 numbered copies, is now available to pre order at (Initial copies come with a 20cm square print of the album sleeve) with an expected released date in the Spring 2021. After this initial run all other copies will be on black vinyl.

Here's Ghost Code 1 to give you a taste of things to come...


Side 1. Ghost Codes 1-3 
[Listen on Soundcloud here]
Side 2. Ghost Codes 4-6 [Listen on Soundcloud here]
Side 3. Ghost Codes 7-9 [Listen on Soundcloud here]
Side 4. Ghost Code 10 plus Uncoded 2012 (Bonus Track) 
[Listen on Soundcloud here]

About The Forgetting Room [find the band's Facebook page here - Ed]

Jonathan Taylor, the core of the project, writer, multi instrumentalist and engineer-producer of the original pre mix performances…. You are missed.

Kane Hellewell, lead guitar, long time Forgetting Room collaborator. After starting to play the guitar at 13 Kane's musical tastes developed from Joe Satriani to George Benson and was a founding member in tech-death-metal band The Torture Of Comacine.

Leigh Stothard, drums, what can you say? The performances speak for themselves, long time Forgetting Room performer and immense talent. Jonathan’s anchor at times and a huge help behind the scenes in the latter part of this albums creation.

Hugh Bradley, guest bass player doesn’t really convey how much his huge input and beautiful playing is appreciated.

Tom Third, who came to the project as a guest, bringing edgy synth work and keyboard input. A huge talent in his own right, see his discography and film score lists on his site.

Becky Taylor, one of a very small number of people in the UK who can even play the instruments she brought to the project. She is one of the most respected Uilleann pipers of her generation, accomplished Northumbrian Smallpiper and Multi-Instrumentalist.

Finally, Mandy Gibson, huge Jeff Noon fan, came out of the leftfield with her offer of being the Ghost Codes' narrator.

Image & info - Shed Load Records
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