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blond Yoshiki in white suit at a red carpet event

YouTube Originals has revealed the first glimpse of Yoshiki:  Under the Sky, a global livestream music documentary special. Watch the trailer...

Press Release

Presented by the acclaimed composer, drummer, and pianist, Yoshiki, the live show will premiere on Wednesday, December 23 starting 8pm JST (3am PST, 11 am GMT). The star-studded special will feature performances from world-renowned, cutting-edge artists including: Marilyn Manson, The Chainsmokers, St. Vincent, Nicole Scherzinger, Sugizo, Hyde, Jane Zhang, Lindsey Stirling, SixTONES, Scorpions, Sarah Brightman, and more.

One of the most influential composers in Japanese history, Yoshiki has sold a combined 50 million albums and singles worldwide as a solo artist and as leader of the stadium-packing rock group X Japan. His works span multiple genres, including rock, pop, classical, and film. [Read Susan's review of the band's documentary We Are X here - Ed]

He has composed the theme for the Golden Globe Awards, a concerto for the Emperor of Japan, the theme for the world's most popular animation series, Attack on Titan, and more. Recently, Yoshiki collaborated with St. Vincent. He also joined Bono,, and Jennifer Hudson on the song "#SING4LIFE”.

“We as artists only exist because of our fans,” says Yoshiki. “Together with amazing friends, I want to lift people's spirits. Even though we faced obstacle after obstacle as you see in the film, we made it happen with maximum care and love for everyone. We’re still in the middle of everything in terms of the final cut, but very excited that we finally could announce this amazing event. Thanks to fans, friends, staff, Youtube Originals, and everyone involved.”

“YOSHIKI: UNDER THE SKY” premieres on Wednesday, December 23, 2020

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