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Do you want to be part of an art club? Grayson Perry, one of Britain’s leading artists, wants you to join his in a new series coming to Channel 4 from April 16th...

Press Release

Grayson Perry is on a mission to unleash our collective creativity and unite the nation through art, as we live through this unique crisis.

Every week Grayson will host the show from his studio - taking the country with him as he creates new art works. Grayson will talk to other famous artists, creatives and celebrity guests about how they are spending their time in isolation and host masterclasses to help teach us all how to create art. Never tried creating art before? Then this is your chance. Each episode will be themed with something inspired by being in isolation, such as still life or portraits. Grayson will take inspiration from the everyday little things, as he helps you unleash the artistic side you never knew you had.

Isolation can be a difficult and lonely time for many. We want you to be part of Grayson’s Art Club, as we ask for the amazing British public to send in the artwork you have been creating in isolation. Whether you have a talent for meme creation, sculpture, painting, drawing, or maybe you’re a make-up artist creating new looks whilst at home? Anything goes. Each episode Grayson will choose some of his favourite artworks submitted by members of the public and speak to them via video call. Grayson wants viewers to feel energised to get involved and produce visual representations of what they are thinking, feeling and experiencing in isolation.

At the end, Grayson will display the art created in a public exhibition that will chronicle the changing moods of Britain in isolation and provide a record of the historic times we’ve lived through. To do this he needs you to join the Art Club and get creative; being in isolation doesn’t mean you’re alone. Art can help us through this.

Grayson said: “I look forward to inviting the nation into my studio for Grayson’s Art Club. This series will be as much an act of spontaneous creativity as the stuff that usually happens here. I hope we can make something uplifting in response to the crisis. I will be showing you the progress of the artworks I am making in these strange days, but I am most excited about seeing what artistic creations people all over the country have been up to in lockdown and talking to other artists about how they are dealing with the weirdness. It should be inspiring, fun, full of helpful tips to get the nation making art- and maybe a bit poignant.”

The theme for the first episode is PORTRAITS and you can find out more about how to enter your own art at Anyone who is resident in the UK can enter their work - amateur or professional, child (with parental permission) or adult, whether you're the next Leonardo or have never picked up a paintbrush before, and you may even get the chance to chat with Grayson Perry for the show too. [Think of it as the next level of Take Hart or Vision On, if you're old enough to remember them - Ed]

Images - Channel 4 & Swan Films

Grayson's Art Club starts on Channel 4 at 8 pm on Thursday 16th April

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