News - 22° Lunar Halo

Now that we all know a bit more about the music of Sigur Rós, thanks to Educating Omand, listen to a clip from their soundtrack to a newly commissioned dance performance, 22° Lunar Halo...

Press Release

In ancient folklore, a lunar halo is a sign foreboding changes, while scientifically it appears when the moonlight is refracted by 22 degrees through millions of ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. In his new dance piece 22° Lunar Halo, CHENG Tsung-lung draws on this natural phenomenon to explore the themes of human anxieties, struggles, desires, love and loneliness in the lunatic, ever-changing world.

Set to the music by the internationally renowned Icelandic band Sigur Rós, CHENG unfolds an exotic modern fable, as 14 dancers from Cloud Gate 2, like mystic animals, squeeze one another, creep, mate, fight, and kill on the deep-black mirror floor.

Commissioned by National Performing Arts Center—National Theater & National Concert Hall, National Taichung Theater, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying), 22° Lunar Halo will be world premiered at 2019 Taiwan International Festival of Arts (TIFA).

Image - Cloud Gate
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