SotD - You Make It Feel Like Christmas

Gwen Stefani has set Scrooge Mc-Omand's humbug-alarm off early, with a deluxe re-release of her festive album You Make It Feel Like Christmas. Watch the new video for the title track...

Granted, she's no Mariah Carey when it comes to annoyingly catchy Christmas songs but the No Doubt singer has really outdone herself this time and gone cheesier than a re-gifted Swiss fondue set for this new video, managing to squeeze in more Christmas cliches than you can shake a candy-cane at. Firstly, it's a duet with her partner, country singer Blake Shelton and all their sugary lovey-dovey-fun-stuff as they go about their Christmas preparations - to quote Chewin' the Fat, "oh, the banter!" Then there's the "cute kids doing cute dancing dressed as cute Santa's Little Helpers" (no, not the Simpsons' dog, that would have been much cooler) and "awww look at the ickle band". Boak. Finally there's the oh-so-faked blooper reel at the end where things "go hilariously wrong in a really funny way." *Sigh.* Aye. Right.

But the most... THE MOST... annoying thing is that I can't stop bopping around and humming the stupid song AND IT'S NOT EVEN DECEMBER YET!

Here. Listen to this. (You're welcome)

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1 Jingle Bells
2 Let It Snow
3 My Gift Is You
4 Silent Night
5 When I Was A Little Girl
6 Last Christmas
7 You Make It Feel Like Christmas (with Blake Shelton)
8 Under The Christmas Lights
9 Santa Baby
10 White Christmas
11 Never Kissed Anyone With Blue Eyes
12 Christmas Eve
13 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
14 Cheer For The Elves
15 Secret Santa
16 Winter Wonderland
17 Feliz Navidad

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