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A new virtual reality project announced by the BBC VR Hub will take viewers back through time, to experience the past as never before...

Make Noise combines VR and voice technology to let viewers use the power of their voice to smash through the barriers faced by the suffragettes during the fight to win the vote for women. The experience empowers viewers to follow Emmeline Pankhurst’s advice and ‘make more noise’ using an innovative combination of voice technology and virtual reality.

Inspired by the suffragettes who a century ago spoke up for a woman’s right to vote, Make Noise will see viewers hum, sing and shout along with actor Nikki Amuka-Bird, who narrates the experience, to change their virtual world. They’ll be transported to a series of colourful and abstract worlds that represent the stages of the suffragettes’ struggle, and are invited to use their own voice and consider what it means to speak up in a world that doesn’t value that voice.

Created by BBC VR Hub with Anagram, Make Noise uses original archive material from the suffragettes to retell the dramatic story of how a few women started one of the most important movements in history. Real-life suffragettes whose voices are heard in the experience include Edith Pepper, Charlotte Drake, Charlotte Marsh, Mary Richardson, Lillian Lenton, Victoria Liliard, Grace Roe and Elizabeth Dean.

Zillah Watson, head of BBC VR Hub, says: “BBC VR Hub exists to excite audiences by creating the most enthralling experiences imaginable using the power of VR, and both of these do that, but in very different ways. Make Noise uses voice technology in an innovative way to put you in the shoes of the suffragettes, encouraging you to follow their example and use your voice to change your world. It’s empowering, profound and yet playful, and a great example of why we should follow Emmeline Pankhurst’s advice and ‘make more noise’.

Image - BBC

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