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Fine Art Geek launches an exclusive range of striking designs for its horror-inspired tees just in time for Halloween...

Writer, reviewer, voice-over artist, horror buff and all-round good guy, RJ Bayley, has just launched his own collection of horror inspired T-shirts. Under the brand name Fine Art Geek, the latest designs have arrived just in time for Halloween.

Featuring punchy designs and witty puns like ‘I really dig graves’, the range is set to be a surefire hit with horror fans all year round. RJ has collaborated with a number of artists including Stuart Wood and Fintan Ryan who bring strong design talent to the evolving line of geeky T-shirts.

RJ explained more about how Fine Art Geek came about, saying "Artistically, I wanted to create something that was witty or just beautifully executed, with a striking and geeky personality all of its own. I'm working on a podcast called Read Me A Story, which the t-shirt line was originally going to support, but then the t-shirt line grew arms and legs and tentacles.

"I asked my friend, Stuart Wood, if he would design a cover for each season of the podcast as he's a amazingly talented artist. What he created for the first season was beyond all expectations and I thought 'hey, that would make an amazing t-shirt.'

"Before I knew it, I realised that we had a t-shirt brand all of it's own. I also recruited my friend here in Edinburgh, Fintan Ryan, who is also an exceptional artist, who's currently working on a cyborg werewolf design for the brand. His work is beautiful and involves cyborgs, monsters and other cosmic horrors. I'm also talking to an Australian artist, Caroline Meathrel-Mack who has a wonderful style all of her own. I really enjoy giving the artists a weird idea, and then seeing however they go and interpret that. I also want the artists to come up with whatever they want. Sometimes a brief or idea is more freeing though, as it gives you a starting point, instead of just fishing in the ether for an idea forever. I wanted it to be fine artistry, but with a geeky flavour, so I called it exactly what it is. Fine Art Geek."

Paying homage to some classic horror tropes, the range features War of World’s inspired martians, plus werewolf, zombie and vampire designs. For those with malevolent inner demons or who just really can’t be bothered making an effort with their Halloween costume there’s also a ‘secretly possessed’ tee.

The range is currently available in the US, and is set to hit UK soil over the coming months. All T-shirts are available on Amazon Prime, so it isn’t too late to celebrate the spookiest time of the year in style.

These tees are what nightmares are made of.

Find out more about the collection here:

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