News - Gozer Goodspeed Goes International

We love watching the rise and rise of musicians and bands that we've been following from the start and were excited to hear that Gozer Goodspeed is going truly international...

Gozer Goodspeed goes multinational this weekend as award -winning international radio personality Jonathan L is playing the title track of 'Rattlebone Colour' EP on his show (see below for dates and times). In case you don't know the show, currently in its 12th year on air and hailing from Berlin, 'Lopsided World of L' offers "musicians you know and don't for over 35 years on Radio" and is heard in the US, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia as well as on Mersey Radio in Liverpool, Nusakan Media in Birmingham and Firebrand Radio in Manchester.

Gozer Goodspeed said of the show, "I'm honoured to have some of my music on Jonathan L's show - he certainly knows how to support new artists and he's not afraid to immediately get behind stuff he likes. If you've not cottoned on to his show yet, check it out - it's about as vibrant and eclectic a mix as you can imagine."

In the meantime he is kept busy with gigs around Plymouth and Exeter including an appearance at The Fairytale Festival in Exeter on Easter Sunday. And then there's the new EP coming out in May... wait... what?!

Here's a reminder of the rattlin' good Rattlebone Colour

To listen to Lopsided World of L (Info reposted from an original post by Jonathan L)

This weekend March 17-19
See website for playlist

*Please note that America already is in Daylight Savings Time. Europe changes on Sunday March 26. Until than-please use a Time Converter

Friday March 17
Lantau Island, Hong Kong, China
7pm Hong Kong time
11am U.K. -Noon Central Europe

Friday March 17
Liverpool, England
6pm United Kingdom - 7pm Central Europe
10am Pacific- 12pm Central- 1pm East Coast

Saturday March 18
Liverpool, England
8am United Kingdom - 9am Central
Europe America: Midnight Pacific

Saturday March 18
Los Angeles, California
America: 11am Pacific- Central- 2pm East Coast
Europe: 19:00 GMT- 20:00 CET- 21:00 EET

Saturday March 18
Birmingham, England
5pm United Kingdom -6pm Central Europe
9am Pacific- 11am Central -Noon East Coast

Saturday March 18
Manchester, England
9pm United Kingdom- 10pm Central Europe
1pm Pacific- 3pm Central- 4pm East Coast

Sunday March 19
Tucson, Arizona Rock 102FM 11pm Pacific
Monday 7am U.K.- 8am Central Europe

Sunday March 19
Los Angeles, California
10pm Pacific-12am Central- 1am East Coast

Sunday March 19
107.5FM New Zealand 8pm in New Zealand
6pm Sydney, Australia

Image - Sandra Vilimaite @RustyPawsArt

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