News - Westworld: Season 1 soundtrack

WaterTower Music has released the full soundtrack of music from Westworld, the new HBO series created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy...

Westworld: Season 1 (Music from the HBO Series), a 34-song collection that features the most poignant musical moments from the ten-episode first season, is now available on digital download. The collection includes composer Ramin Djawadi’s (Game of Thrones, Iron Man, Person of Interest) Westworld theme, original compositions, and his celebrated arrangements of well known songs including Back To Black (originally performed by Amy Winehouse), Something I Can Never Have (originally performed by Nine Inch Nails), Black Hole Sun (originally performed by Soundgarden), Paint It Black (originally performed by The Rolling Stones) A Forest (originally performed by The Cure) and No Surprises (originally performed by Radiohead), among others.

“As Westworld came together, Lisa and I knew that we wanted to take enormous risks with the narrative of the show, tossing the audience into the deep end with our story,” explains Executive Producer Jonathan Nolan. “And we were able to take those risks, knowing that, in addition to our incredible cast, we were collaborating with Ramin Djawadi, an artist whose ability to translate even the most nuanced narrative idea into music is peerless.”

“It’s been a true pleasure to see fans of Westworld connect with both the piano covers and original compositions used in the series,” says Djawadi. “I’m thrilled that they will be able to continue their experience with the release of the soundtrack.”

“Ramin is a fiercely gifted creative partner in every imaginable way,” noted WaterTower Music head Jason Linn. “His ability to consistently thrill us is second to none. We could not be more excited about this next chapter in our many collaborations together.”

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The track list is as follows:

1. Main Title Theme - Westworld 2. Sweetwater 3. Black Hole Sun 4. Paint it Black 5. This World 6. Online 7. No Surprises 8. Dr. Ford 9. A Forest 10. Reveries 11. Nitro Heist 12. Motion Picture Soundtrack 13. Freeze All Motor Functions 14. Pariah 15. Fake Plastic Trees 16. MIB 17. The Maze 18. House of the Rising Sun 19. Trompe L'Oeil 20. What Does This Mean 21. Something I Can Never Have 22. White Hats 23. Back to Black 24. No One's Controlling Me 25. Memories 26. No Surprises (Stride Piano) 27. Violent Delights 28. Someday 29. Sweetwater Stride 30. Do They Dream 31. The Stray 32. Bicameral Mind 33. Exit Music (For a Film) 34. Reverie