News - Peter Pan Goes Wrong

Waaaaay back in the mists of, well, August, we told you that Peter Pan Goes Wrong was coming to the BBC for Christmas. Well, guess what? It's coming to the BBC for Hogmanay instead...

As part of its commitment to community theatre, the BBC has commissioned The Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society, an amateur dramatics group, to recreate the J. M. Barrie classic as part of their festive programming. But can they pull it off?

Narrated by David Suchet and filmed in front of a live audience, watch as Peter Pan flies through the air, Captain Hook and his pirates get set adrift in the lagoon and Tinkerbell is due to light up the stage in a stunning electrical costume… what can possibly go wrong?!

The play about a panto (sorry, we're told it's not a pantomime it's a Christmas Vignette), Peter Pan Goes Wrong is set to be broadcast on BBC One at 6:20 pm on New Year's Eve. Watch a short clip of it here.

Image - BBC

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