News - ‘All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride’

Yes, it's a film. And yes, it could be seen as a festive one. But watch the trailer for ‘All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride’ and you'll understand why we've included it on AlbieMedia...

"This Christmas, the sleigh ride will never end" (well, it will, but only after two hours of beautiful scenery) as Nordic Noir & Beyond announces the DVD release of the Slow TV Christmas special ‘All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride’ on Monday 21st November 2016, a film which was aired last Christmas Eve on BBC Four.

This magical DVD arrives just in time to embrace the Danish lifestyle of Hygge which has taken hold of the UK. Hygge is all about being cosy and content and what is more Hygge than snuggling up underneath a blanket with a hot drink (can you mull gin?) and going on a magical sleigh ride?

‘All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride’ follows the path of an ancient postal route, showing the traditional world of the Sami people who are indigenous to northern Scandinavia and for whom reindeer herding remains a way of life.

Filmed in Karasjok, Norway – 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle – the journey captures breath-taking scenery, normally not glimpsed by anyone other than the Sami. An epic two-hour trip capturing undulating snowy hills, birch forests and traditional Sami settlements.

With no commentary, music or presenter – just the crunching of snow and the soft tinkle of a reindeer bell, this hypnotic sleigh ride will be an enchanting experience to put everyone (nearly) in the festive spirit. The trailer is beautiful and we hope to have a full review for you soon.

Image - Nordic Noir & Beyond

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