News - Route One

Fancy a virtual trip round the coastline of Iceland? Thanks to an immense project by the band Sigur Rós, this is now possible...

On the 2016 summer solstice, Sigur Rós unveiled a 24-hour ‘slow tv’ event live on Iceland’s national television – and streamed live globally via youtube – set to a constantly evolving soundtrack based around elements of their latest song óveður. ‘Route One’ is a 1332km journey the whole way round Iceland’s coastal ring road and you can now relive that full journey, yes all 24 hours of it, in a set of youtube videos released by the band yesterday. It's also interactive and, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you  can click on the direction arrows at the to left of the video to do a full 360 scan of your surroundings at any point. The video below is the first of a set of 25 all linked together in a playlist for you to experience the full thing... if you have 24 hours to spare. Or you can just skip to the middle of bits if you're impatient.

So settle back, forget the heat and watch the relaxing landscape of Iceland roll by.

Image - Sigur Rós

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