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The Royal Ballet will perform the world première of the new ballet Frankenstein in May this year...

Liam Scarlett’s latest work for The Royal Ballet is an adaption of Mary Shelley’s Gothic novella Frankenstein. Opening on Wednesday 4 May, the ballet will be relayed live as a BP Big Screen event on Saturday 7 May and on Wednesday 18 May as part of the ROH Live Cinema programme.

The ballet is led by Principal dancers Federico Bonelli as Victor Frankenstein, Laura Morera as his love interest, Elizabeth and Steven McRae as the Creature. Scarlett is joined by a stellar team of former collaborators to bring the classic tale to life. A brand new score has been written by American composer Lowell Liebermann and designs are by John Macfarlane with lighting by David Finn.

Scarlett returns to the original themes of Shelley’s gothic novel of 1818, steering away from the horror stereotypes associated with the title and penetrating to the heart of the drama to present a tale which is ultimately about love. Fuelled by grief at the death of his mother, Victor Frankenstein does the impossible and brings life to non-living matter, setting in motion a chain of events with disastrous consequences. Frankenstein is a battle between man and monster; a tale of morality, love, companionship and understanding. Shelley’s novella reveals the depth of humanity and our need to find acceptance and a place in the world.

Liam Scarlett is Artist in Residence of The Royal Ballet and is renowned for works that marry highly expressive movement and musicality with dark psychological depth. His previous works for the Company include Asphodel Meadows (2010), Sweet Violets (2012), Viscera (2012), Hansel and Gretel (2013) and The Age of Anxiety (2014) which was nominated for a 2015 Critics’ Circle National Dance Award.

Frankenstein runs from Wednesday 4 May – Monday 27 May at Royal Opera House, London WC2E 9DD

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